For You!

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These are all glitters that I have created for my own Paint Shop Pro projects. Feel free to use them for your personal projects. You may even use them for glitter signatures or other original creations that you sell. Please DO NOT link to them, add them to online collections, sell them, or otherwise take advantage of this good faith offer.

Now... Go sparkle!

Free Glitters for All Your PSP Projects

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Glitter Burgandy photo GlitterBurgandyII.gifGlitter Cherry Red Glitter Red

 photo GlitterGreenYellow.gifGlitter Yellow photo GlitterYellow.gifYellow Glitter photo GlitterYellowIII.gif Yellow Glitter II photo GlitterYellowII.gifPhotobucket

Barely There Glitter photo GlitterBarelyThereorigGIF.gif Glitter Opal photo GlitterOpal.gif Glitter White photo GlitterWhite.gif

Glitter Pink photo GlitterPink.gif Glitter Fuchia photo GlitterFuchia.gif Glitter Magenta photo GlitterMagenta.gif

Glitter Gold Gradient photo GlitterGold.gif Glitter Silver photo GlitterSilverII.gif Glitter Silver II photo GlitterSilver.gif

Glitter Black photo GlitterBlack.gifGlitter Black photo GlitterBlackII.gif photo GlitterGalaxy.gif photo GlitterNebula.gif

Glitter Green photo GlitterGreen.gif Glitter Mint photo GlitterMint.gif photo GlitterForest.gif Photobucket

Glitter Blue photo GlitterBlue.gif Turquoise Glitter photo GlitterTurquoiseGIF.gif Glitter Navy photo GlitterNavy.gif Glitter Teal photo GlitterTeal.gif

Orange Glitter photo GlitterOrange.gif photo GlitterTangerine.gif GlitterPeach photo GlitterPeach.gif GlitterPeach, PSP Animation Shop 3 .gif

Glitter Purple photo GlitterPurple.gif photo GlitterPurpleLt.gif photo GlitterPurpleLtSm.gif photo GlitterPlum.gif

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You are welcome to use my glitter graphics below free of charge for your web pages, blogs, email signatures, MySpace pages, etc. Please DO NOT link to them, add them to online collections, sell them, or otherwise take advantage of this offer.

Thank You!

Christmas Graphics

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Merry Christmas photo MerryChristmasSnowGIF.gif

Merry Christmas Stocking photo sigMerryChristmasStocking.gif

Merry Christmas Glitter photo MerryChristmas11sig.gif

 photo sigMerryChristmassnowcap.gif

Thank You

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BY Thank You photo YBThankYouGIF.gif

Daisy Thank You photo POThankYouGIF.gif

YB Thank You photo BYThankYouGIF.gif

BG Thank You photo BGThankYouorigGIF.gif

Hello and Welcome

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Pink Hello photo HelloPinkGIF.gif

RY Welcome Heart photo RYWelcomeHeart.gif

BG Welcome photo BGGlitterWelcome.gif

Miscellaneous Graphics

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Violet photo GlitterVioletBlinky.gif

Pink Ribbon photo Breast_Cancer_Awareness_Ribbon.gif

Celtic Cross Teal photo CelticCrossTealGIF.gif

Cutie Glitter photo CutieCurlGIF.gif

PBG Heart photo GIF.gif

GP Heart photo CrosshatchHeartGIF.gif

Glitter Sun photo Sun.gif